Vision 520 – servo drive upgrade: from Diax to IndraDrive M

DG press is specialized in building web offset printing machines and in providing the best service to their customers to fulfil their production needs. An important part of these services is the refurbishment of used machines and machine parts. In order to keep up with all developments, it can be very interesting for our customers to refurbish (upgrade) machine parts in order to work with up-to-date equipment and to meet current safety requirements. We have the knowledge and experience for upgrading your web offset press to achieve this.

Perfect customized solutions

One of our respected customers is using a Vision press for printing specialized security documents like seals, stamps and other valuable papers for almost 20 years. This 24-axis machine has a total length of over approximately 50 metres and is equipped with offset printing, flexo printing, screen printing, digital printing and numbering.

The customer had some upgrade wishes to the machine and contacted DG press to discuss the possible solutions. After extensive consultation with our customer, we came with some essential operating, motion, controlling and safety-related modifications. With the execution of these activities, an update to the newest standards available has been realized. Besides meeting the customers upgrade wishes, also the current safety requirements were met. After this upgrade the customer can continue to produce for years and years with this machine.

Major changes to the Vision servo drive system

The primary action is the replacement of the existing Indramat Diax04 servo drive system by a new Indradrive M servo drive system from Bosch-Rexroth including servo motors and cabling. These servo drives are equipped with integrated safe motion. Not only the servo drives are replaced, we also placed new safety related equipment.

Working with today safety standards

Thanks to the upgrade of the machine, it was also possible to improve machine safety according to current safety requirements. For optimum safety of the printers, the servo system is equipped with safety on board. The safety guards also comply with the safety level of today to ensure the safety of the printers.

Software changes

Due to these changes, the software for the machine has also been re-written. With the latest software version for all types of PLC, operating has improved with new and more possibilities in operating. All software in the machine is now up to date to today standards.

Minimal machine downtime

Thanks to good project management, downtime is kept to a minimum. We have completed all preparatory work at our production site in the Netherlands to work very efficiently on the production site of our customers. After two weeks of work at the customer’s location, we could start testing on this huge machine. After one test week, the machine was fully operational again.

Top 3 reasons for upgrading your machine:

  1. Machine works “as new” and can continue to print for years.
  2. DG press’ project management ensures minimal machine downtime.
  3. Work according to the latest safety regulations is guaranteed.

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