In 2014 the former companies Continuga and Drukkerij Strobbe merged together in one new organization called INNI Group. DG press moved our printing presses to our new location.

Before the actual movement of our machines we investigated which company was the best to relocate our machines. We choose DG press because of their past experience and extensive knowledge in printing presses and, the qualities and communicative skills of their technicians.

After comparing two possible organizations that could relocate our machines we decided to give the job to DG press. Our decision was made based on the fact that we were familiar with one of the service engineers of DG press and we knew that DG press is responsible for more successful relocations. In addition, the business approach of DG press as well as the future planning of the organization felt more comfortable. Another important reason was the smooth communication with DG press in the past. Besides that, DG press gave us an offer to combine the movement of our machines with the sale of two of our older Drent machines which made it even more interesting for us to start the cooperation.

Case Inni Group relocation
Case Inni Group relocation

DG press was the perfect partner for this operation because of their experience with relocating machines and selling second hand machinery. The relocation is proceeded smoothly and was even faster than expected, the downtime of the machines was only three weeks.

Afterwards we were very impressed about DG press and their rapid relocation of our machines. In addition, the cooperation with DG press was very important for our production processes and it was impossible to achieve this fast success on our own.

Overall, we decided to cooperate with DG press because of their experience in relocation and sale of second hand machinery, extensive knowledge in web offset printing presses, suitable prices, good time planning, transparency and, smooth communication.

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