vision hybrid web offset printing press

Hybrid printing

Hybrid printing is a hot issue in the printing industry. Many companies see this way of printing as something new, but at DG press we have been busy with hybrid printing since the development of the Gazelle web offset press in the 1980s and the DG-Vision machine in the 1990s. We know the benefits of hybrid printing like no other.

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Food safety in printing flexible packages

Ink migration is a prime concern for brand owners and converters. The slightest hint of change on a packed product could have huge ramifications and cause long-term damage to a brand – sometimes even destroying the business.

Electron-Beam /Ultra-Violet offset is a certified and working solution for converters operating in the food packaging industry with a wide variety of proven chemistries (inks and coatings) and curing solutions available. Both curing options can be applied to our machines and meet the requirements of food safety.

Food safety in printing flexible packaging
sustainability in printing

Sustainability / Environmental-friendly

Brand owners and consumers increasingly call for environmentally friendly products. Packaging printers can contribute to this demand by offering offset printed packaging and labels. In offset printing for packaging, highly viscose energy curable inks (Electron-Beam/Ultra-Violet) are used.

These inks have the major environmental advantage, that they do not contain solvents or a water component that needs to be evaporated using energy and gas consuming installations.

Development of new functionalities

All of our machines have been designed specifically to meet the demands of our clients. Every press is custom made, this offers possibilities to develop new modules or functionalities specifically for your production needs.

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Sleeve offset technology

This technology makes it very easy for operators to change-over to a new print job. Have a look at the video to get an idea of the advantages of Sleeve offset technology. Here we show how an operator removes the plate cylinder and mounts a new offset plate on the sleeve. Once the new image carrier has been mounted, the sleeve is being inserted in the printing unit and it’s ready to go. This is only possible when printing in the same repeat length; otherwise the rubber blanket has to be replaced by a new size, but this is just as easy!