Printing flexible packages

The current time increasingly demands flexible packaging. Especially in the food industry, increasingly stringent legal and technical requirements apply. By using certain inks and drying techniques our machines are very suitable for printing flexible packaging for the food industry.

In addition, the Vision offers the possibility to produce paper packaging, gable top packaging, bags, sachets, stick packs, transwraps, etc. for every industry: from the food industry to cosmetics and from medicines to animal feed.

Flexible packaging

Smaller run lengths

The market for printing flexible packaging is growing from year to year, but run lengths are becoming smaller. Press speed and material costs are no longer dominant, determining profit margins. The game now revolves around job changeovers. This is exactly the reason why offset technology is a perfect fit. Offset plates can be produced in-house, much quicker and more economically than flexo clichés and gravure cylinders. They can be changed in just 2 minutes per printing unit, using the variable sleeve system.

Also, because offset prints high definition line screen as standard, it is possible to print a higher gamut of colors with a standardized 7-color process. There is therefore less need for changing inks in the press units in between jobs, thus saving a lot of time.

Another important reason why offset is very suitable for printing smaller jobs is the possibility to produce different color densities right next to each other. This is possible as no anilox roller is required in the offset printing process. The zonal density control makes it possible to combine similar jobs in the web width in one production run. It is ideal for printing multiple SKUs in one run, allowing print providers to profitably print small runs.

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