More than 100 web offset presses with variable sleeve technology worldwide!

At the end of 2018, we installed a new Thallo web offset press in Latin America. With the installation of this machine, the milestone of 100 web offset machines with variable sleeve technology was achieved.

The Thallo: second-generation sleeve web offset press

The Thallo is the further developed and improved version of the successful VSOP® sleeve web offset press. The first VSOP® was already sold in 2004. A total of 92 VSOP® printing presses were installed, mostly at labels and flexible packaging printers.

Based on years of experience with VSOP® and in close collaboration with users of this printing press improvements were made. The result was a second generation of web offset printing presses: the Thallo. The Thallo is manufactured under a strategic partnership with Contiweb.  

Since the market introduction of the Thallo, 8 machines have been built. This Thallo press is the 100th machine with variable sleeve technology worldwide.


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VSOP® web offset press with variable sleeve technology