Cleaning the touchscreen of the Thallo web offset press

In these turbulent times because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), extra attention is being paid to hygiene in order to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. To be able to clean the operating screen of the Thallo web offset press properly, a modification has been made in the software which makes it possible to “freeze” the screen for some time.

This modification makes it possible to clean the touch screen without turning off the machine, so no valuable production time is lost. This option is offered to all Thallo users at no extra cost and can be easily installed remotely via a VPN connection. 

This cleaning function works as follows:

Screen Thallo cleaning function

Press the cleaning button on the screen:

Thallo cleaning function

Progress bar Thallo

Then the progress bar appears for about 10 seconds. The screen can now be cleaned. When the progress bar is full, the screen returns to the normal screen.