DG press prepares to deliver a new high tech web offset press to the Portuguese security printing company INCM

DG press, a highly regarded and well respected engineering, installation, servicing and maintenance company, based in the Netherlands, who manufacture a wide range of offset printing presses, is preparing to deliver a brand new Vision® web offset press to the Portuguese security printing specialist, Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda (INCM) in Lisbon in September of this year.

INCM is the oldest manufacturing establishment in Portugal and has a long history in the manufacturing of the Portuguese currency. The company also prints a large range of security products; e.g. identification documents, bank cards, values, diplomas and certificates.
This new Vision web offset press enables INCM to increase their production capacity and improve its service significantly, whilst offering new levels of productivity and efficiency. 

vision hybrid web offset printing press

Luis Machado, Managing Director at INCM, about the new Vision web offset press: “The security printing activity is of great importance to ensure the existence of trust in all relationships between State, citizens and organisations, which require authentic and reliable documents. With this new Vision web offset press we are able to deliver products that meets the high security standards.”

Remko Koolbergen, Director of DG press, commented on the important investment choice taken by INCM in the context of the international tendering procedure: “DG press’ mission is to build web offset printing machines which fulfil the customer’s production needs and to provide the necessary support services needed to maintain these high performance printing machines. The Vision press is a hybrid fast make-ready web offset printing press that combines shaftless servo technology with an infinite range of inline options, so the new press will be able to produce an extremely wide variety of security and government-oriented documents. The advantages of the new Vision web press for INCM are the superior print quality, the wide range of in-line processing options and the short make-ready & change-over times that the press provides. These are important considerations when you need to meet the ever-changing and growing demands of the Portuguese marketplace.”

About INCM

INCM results of the merging, in 1972, of Imprensa Nacional (The Official Printing Office) and Casa da Moeda (The Mint). The long history of these companies makes INCM the repository of some of the oldest industrial establishments in the country.

The evolution of new technologies makes the production of the Portuguese Citizen Card and the passport a strategic development area, making the company able to supply the Public Administration with the most modern and safe identity documents, as well as opening new markets, answering the needs of a broad group of companies and organizations, chief among which is the banking sector.

INCM has been incorporating, in a significant way, secure electronic components and services in its documents and services, and developing new actuation areas in information systems. This enabled a more diverse offer and access to new markets, from a perspective of making processes simpler and virtual.

The authentication of precious metals artefacts, a task the INCM performs in modern laboratories, certified by the Instituto Português da Acreditação (Portuguese Accreditation Institute), and the publishing of essential Portuguese and universal culture works are also part of the INCM tasks.

The fast integration of new technologies in its ample activities makes INCM a company turned towards the future, willing to overcome the challenges put forth by its mission, in a permanently changing world.