DG press prepares to deliver a new high tech web offset press to the GPW in South Africa

This new Vision web offset press will enable the GPW to increase their production capacity and improve its service to customers significantly, whilst offering new levels of productivity and efficiency to a fast-growing and expanding print operation at the GPW’s newly completed production facility in Pretoria.

The GPW has a long history of manufacturing security printed matter, offering production, finishing, packing and distribution services to all ministerial and government departments in South Africa, as well as to many other countries in Africa as well.

“To support our leading position in the security printing market, to meet the growing production demand for more security products, and to extend our print quality even further, we have added the next generation of web press equipment to our high-tech production plant. This new Vision web press from DG press, a world leader in printing press manufacture, can print in up to nine colours, and it utilizes several printing and processing technologies to enable us to expand the level of security and the volume of government-oriented documents that we can print. In addition, the new Vision web press allows us to increase our service levels to our customers whilst reducing our downtime risk,” explains Kuben Moodley, Chief Director Operations & Production.

Remko Koolbergen, Director of DG press commented on the important investment choice made by the GPW:
“DG press’ mission is to build web offset printing machines which fulfil the customer’s production needs and to provide the necessary support services needed to maintain these high performance printing machines. The Vision press is a fast make-ready web offset printing press that combines shaftless technology with an infinite range of inline options, so the new press will be able to produce an extremely wide variety of security and government-oriented documents. The advantages of the new Vision web press for GPW are the superior print quality, the wide range of in-line processing options and the short make-ready & change-over times that the press provides. These are important considerations when you need to meet the ever-changing and growing demands of the South African and African marketplace.”

The new Vision web press will be installed later in 2018 in the new custom-built production facility recently opened in Pretoria as part of the very significant long-term investment being made by the GPW in new premises and new production facilities that will no doubt establish the GPW as the most modern and also as the leading security printing facility in Africa.

About GPW
The Government Printing Works (GPW) is a government-owned security printing specialist that deals with the production of passports, visas, licenses and certificates, smart card identification documents and a host of other education and examination related materials, as well as government stationery and publications, such as tender bulletins and government gazettes.

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, the GPW boasts a rich history spanning 124 years, during which time the GPW has adhered to their overall goal of specializing in security printing, with their main objective being to prevent forgery, reduce counterfeiting and prevent document tampering, thereby securing the future of South Africa and Africa and it’s peoples.

The GPW has done this by continuously updating its origination, pre-press, printing and finishing capabilities, whilst adding essential IT, management, packing and distribution services that streamline all aspects of the production and delivery chain.
Today the GPW boasts an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art production, finishing and distribution capability that has been benchmarked internationally and is vastly different from its humble beginnings.