New corporate identity, website and company logo

DG press manufacturer of hybrid web offset printing machines is officially rebranded and relaunched with a new logo. DG press has maintained the same brand identity since its founding in 2009, when it succeeded Drent Goebel.
This year, the corporate identity has been updated with a fresh new look to reflect the current market demands. The new brand identity reflects the organisation’s evolution and continuous dedication to delivering high-quality and innovative printing machines.

Green printing

For many years, sustainability has been and will continue to be a hot topic. DG press’s hybrid web offset printing presses are among the most environmentally friendly solutions in the printing industry. The new DG press logo incorporates and expresses sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices, aligning the company’s image with its products’ distinctive selling qualities.

New colours and design

The new DG press design is a simple round logo with a leaf integrated into it, representing sustainability and green printing. The round logo is shaped like a cylinder within a printing press, with the corporate letters DG centred in the design.

The white, blue, and red line that has been a part of DG press’ identity for over 12 years has been replaced by the new colours blue and green. In the new logo, the colour blue represents trust, wisdom, loyalty, self-assurance, belief, intelligence, truth, and heaven. The colour green is associated with life, renewal, nature, energy, growth, safety, the environment, and conformity.


DG press strives to demonstrate professionalism, trust, sustainability, growth, energy, innovation, and knowledge to our clients through our communications, services and machines. Several key words that have been incorporated into our new corporate identity style.

As Remko Koolbergen, director of DG press states, “With this rebranding, we’re adapting our identity to the future requirements and market demands where DG press will continue to provide the same high-quality service that our customers have come to expect.”