Refurbished and reconfigured VSOP520 for All4Labels Erfurt

Rahning GmbH & Co. KG (part of the Beucke Group) contacted DG press in early 2019 about the sale of their 2005 VSOP520 machine. After years of producing flexible packaging for the food industry in high quality with engraving and offset printing at the VSOP, Rahning decided to sell the machine.

Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP)
The Variable Sleeve Offset Printing technology allows you to work with variable sizes in offset. The sleeve technology lets you easily change sizes without having to completely change the unit. Not only is this easier and quicker, it is also a much cheaper way of printing different repeat lengths. This gives the printer, an extremely flexible printing press, suited for a nearly unlimited range or different orders. You can change jobs in just a few minutes.

Search for a new owner for the VSOP520
Rahning has asked DG press to sell the VSOP520. After thorough inspection of the machine, the agreements between the two parties were put on paper and DG press started the search for a new owner for this machine. Due to the close relationship with their customer base, DG press knew that there were a number of parties who would be interested in this web offset press.

Among these contacts was All4Labels and they eventually purchased the machine. All4Labels is serviced by DG press since the start of DG press in 2009 and has bought new and second hand VSOP’s and Vision’s from DG press over the years. All4Labels specializes in printing labels, flexible packaging, board and paper. All4Labels always wants to expand their capacity and since they already have several VSOP520 in production, they were looking for the same technology in order to easily grow by using existing offset know how, processes and periphery.

Severin Much, Corporate Technology Expert at All4Labels, about DG press. “The reason we have chosen DG press is because they are always able to assemble a machine that fully meets our production requirements. The employees of DG press are professionals who neatly install and maintain the machines. Thanks to the expertise of DG press staff and the quality of the machines, we are happy to do business with them.

Refurbishing and configuration of the VSOP520
Before the machine is installed at All4Labels in Erfurt in October, the flexo and the 2nd UV frame will be refurbished at DG press in Hall. The remaining modules are moved directly from Bünde (DE) to Erfurt (DE) by DG press. To ensure that the machine meets the production needs of All4Labels, a small reconfiguration of the machine is necessary: the first chill roller with UV frame will be positioned after printing unit 4 and the powder system will be taken out of the configuration. The rest of the machine remains the same. Reconfiguration of a machine is one of the main advantages of DG press; its people and know-how of Drent Goebel presses is unique and worldwide recognized by its customers.

This 8 color web offset press has a length of almost 30 meters and has a flexo module, UV curing systems, ink duct control, web video system and various other modules to meet the production needs of All4Labels and is already successful installed at the customers production location.