Why choose offset printing?

Offset printing has many benefits. Below we give you the five main advantages of offset printing. Please contact us and we will explain the benefits for your company.

  1. The image quality is very high
    Offset presses use ink to guarantee a high quality of the image.
  2. Lowest cost when printing large orders
    When the quantity of the print job goes up, the costs per copy decrease. Due to the low one-off costs for making the printing plate, the costs fall when the order size increases.
  3. Offset printing is one of the fastest print techniques
    Offset presses can reach a speed of 400 m/min.
  4. Wide variety of printing substrates
    Offset printing can be used on a wide range of substrates: paper, foil and board.
  5. Easy ink control
    With offset printing the ink is easier to control. By turning the spanners, the operator can control the flow of the ink.

In the video below, one of our Field Service Engineers, Rudy Hoogkamp, tells you more about the benefits of offset printing.