How does the Automatic Plate Bender work?

After placing the printing plate against the mechanical end stops on the bending unit, the optimal position of the printing will be automatically determined. Two practically invisible measuring elements place the printing image with micro meter accuracy on the bending plate.

The automatic positioning system iteratively moves each printing plate into a fixed position followed by the automatic bending process. The Automatic Printing Plate Bender executes fully automatic position determination and position correction until reaching the pre-set tolerances as well as the pneumatic bending of the plate.

For offset printing presses with sleeve technology where the bended edges invariably determine the position of the plate on the cylinder, like the VSOP® 520 and 850, the make-ready time can be considerably reduced.

Advantages of the Automatic Printing Plate Bender

  • Accurate determination of print image with micro meter precision
  • Fully automatic position determination and position correction
  • Reduce waste and make-ready time for offset printing presses
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Automatic Plate Bender