Pro Arm

The Pro Arm sleeve carrier is the perfect solution to prevent operators from facing health issues due to heavy lifting and mounting of sleeves into the printing press. Sleeves can weigh up to 35 kg / 77.1 lbs which exceeds the maximum allowed manual lifting weight for operators.

The Pro Arm tool enables the operator to change sleeves efficiently and to minimize the downtime of the press during job change-overs. This system makes it possible for one operator to easily move and mount the sleeves into the printing units without applying any significant strength or pressure. The system is built specifically per printing press and is applicable for web widths of 850 mm or more. It is most useful for wider presses because the sleeves are larger and thus much heavier.

Advantages of the Pro Arm system:

  • Ergonomic working conditions for the operators
  • Sleeve exchange can easily be done by 1 person
  • Optimized workflow
  • Low risk of damaging sleeves and machine
  • Low skill required to operate the system
  • Customizable to specific situations and requirements
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Pro Arm - Sleeve Exchange Tool