Installation & Start up

To get your new or refurbished web offset press running, DG press helps you to get started easily. Our team has the experience to take care of the complete installation at your site: from getting your site ready for placing the press to a good start up for the press operators.

DG press has the experience, knowhow and resources to get your press up and let them run as soon as possible. With our experience we want to be a reliable partner and we aim to contribute to your return on investment. DG press beliefs that a high performance level of your press often goes beyond the press. Aspects such as environment, chemistry, operator skills, prepress and logistics need to be adjusted to the new situation. The support of DG press in this process will result in a shorter learning curve and an accelerated ROI.


Rebuilds / Refurbishment

An essential part of our business is to rebuild and refurbish the used equipment.

At DG press we have four levels of offering pre-owned machines:

1. As is
We can deliver the machine “as it is”. This means the machine will be sold in current condition; the machine is functional, but will be delivered without additional work.

2. Checked & cleaned
We have checked and cleaned the machine thoroughly.

3. Refurbished
The machine is renovated, cleaned and broken parts are replaced.

4. As new
We can offer the machine completely renovated with new parts: the machine works like new.

Our customers regularly ask us if we can help them sell their used machines.
Click here for an up-to-date overview of used machines.

Refurbishment rebuild


During the past decades we conducted many relocations around the world. We can take care of the disassembly of the machine at the old location and get the press ready for shipment. After the machine has arrived to his new location, our service engineers in the field take care of the installation. We think in possibilities, not in difficulties!

Cases about machine relocations

Tetra Pak case

Tetra Pak – Relocation

Inni Group case

INNI Group – Relocation

Relocation web offset printing press

Upgrade / Reconfiguration

We offer various upgrade kits for increasing performance and functionalities. Due to the modular concept of our presses, you can easily add or remove printing units and main components such as processing units, sheeters or drying and curing units.

Solutions for upgrading / reconfiguration of your machine:

  • Update of the machine software
  • Replacement of obsolete parts of the machine
  • Replace or add units or other components to increase productivity or expand your production possibilties 

An upgrade or reconfiguration helps you to meet the latest techological developments. This is quite essential for the products and service you offer your customers.


Emergency Repair

DG press’ experienced and skilled engineers are travelling all around the world to repair, maintain and implement changes in hardware, software and mechanical components.

It is our mission to get your press up and running again when your machine breaks down. We understand the need of the on going production for your company and we will get to your site as soon as possible!

An example of the fast response time DG press service team:

Thanks to rapid and adequate intervention from the DG press service team, our respected Belgian customer Orbo was able to resume production quickly. Our helpdesk received a phone call from Orbo that production had stopped and whether the machine could be viewed as quickly as possible. At that time, one of our electrical engineers was on the road in Belgium and drove directly to Orbo.

Large stock of spare parts
Our technician has investigated the cause of the machine malfunction together with the technical personal of Orbo. By excluding various causes, we discovered that a PPC box was broken. Because we constantly have many spare parts in stock, we were able to deliver a new PPC box the same day.

After replacing the PPC box, the machine was running as usual. We have done a careful troubleshooting, delivered the correct part quickly and replaced it in the machine in less than 18 hours!

Thanks to the rapid intervention of DG press, we quickly restarted the machine. We want to thank the helpdesk and engineers of DG press for the quick service!
Jurgen Denoo – Responsible production – Orbo

Emergency button

Maintenance & Training

A regular health check of your press is a very valuable tool to increase the reliability of your press and to decrease unplanned down time and other negative consequences. DG press believes that it is essential to know the condition of the presses and can help you to eliminate weak points and avoid press failures.

DG press provides standard and advanced training for your employees. The training courses are organized “in house” at DG press or on location nearby your press. DG press can train your operating staff as well as your maintenance staff on all disciplines of printing, operating and maintenance work.

Part of our offered solutions for training is the operator assessment in which the basic printing skills of the printing staff is measured. We developed this international operator assessment in cooperation with the Dutch Graphic Knowledge centre ( After the completion of the assessment, we can give a comprehensive advice for a specific training program to develop the skills of your staff, if necessarily.


Helpdesk / Support

To provide instant help, troubleshooting and fault detection, DG press ServiceS has helpdesk facilities. The helpdesk is also able to access the software and electrical systems of the machines by internet, enabling fast problem solving and remote support.

Because of our customized helpdesk, DG press can offer and execute all kinds of support plans. These plans can consist of the following options, depending on your requirements:

  • Online support via secure VPN connection
  • Telephonic support
  • Check-up visit
  • Support on location

If you require any further information feel free to contact us via +31 (0)313- 671911.

DG press has highly skilled service engineers who are pleased to give you (extra) advice and support.


Service agreement

Instead of having an service engineer working on your press once a problem occurs; choose for a service agreement and prevent those problems from happing.

Preventive maintenance is conducted to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of the
equipment. Maintenance can make or break a good product. Proper maintenance will reduce
unexpected down time and makes your production more reliable. Regular maintenance will
prevent potential problems and keeps the costs lower and more predictable.
DG press ServiceS has a team of well-educated and experienced service engineers. Years of
experience have made them the specialists in the field of web offset printing presses.

Technical support and maintenance of the press needs to be executed on three levels:

  1. First line maintenance consists of cleaning, inspection of roller condition, exchange of inking rollers and regularly stripe adjustments according to the service manual. This task is executed by the customer’s print crew.
  2. Second line maintenance consist of fault finding and repair of parts and components in case of functional problems and periodical systematical preventive maintenance inspections. Inspections will be carried out according a detailed checklist.
  3. Third line maintenance consist of overhaul and revision of components, extensive inspection and replacement of critical parts. Normally executed once every 5 years.

A service agreement covers the activities for 2nd line maintenance.

Regardless the number of machines and coverage, DG press adjusts the maintenance contract tailor made to your wishes and demands.

Contact us for more information or download the leaflet with information about our service and helpdesk contracts.



The software is an essential part of the machine. To make sure your web offset press is (and stays) up and running you have to make sure that your software is up to date. 

Besides mechanical maintenance, we also take care of maintenance to the software part of the machine. If you need help with installing updates or having other software problems, don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk. Our software engineers will solve your problem! 


DG press VPN-solution

How does the DG press VPN-solution work?
The DG Press VPN-solution gives DG press the ability to remotely connect to your machine, and gives us the capability to service the machine in a safe and quick way.

How is the VPN-solution implemented in your machine?
The DG press VPN-solution is installed inside your machine and it has two network interfaces:

  1. The ‘WAN’ interface: this interface connects the VPN-Box to the internet through your internal network.
  2. The ‘LAN’ interface: this interface is connected to the machine that should be remotely serviced.

Is my internal network connected with the machine-network?
No. Your internal network stays separated from the machine-network. Your internal network is only used to connect the VPN-solution with DG press securely over the internet. With the remote connection, DG Press can only connect with the machine that is connected to the VPN-Box, but can’t connect to your internal network.

What are the pre-requisites to use the DG press VPN-solution?
For a working VPN connection, your network should offer at least the following pre-requisites:

  • A valid IP-address (DHCP preferred).
  • Outbound connections must be allowed to UDP port 1194.
  • A working DNS-server (optional).

Roller exchange program

DG press executes de renewal of your compounded rollers on a regular base and combines this with a free inspection of your printing units.

Based on a mutual agreed planning, we come by with a new compounded roller set. During our fist visit we will exchange the rollers and bearings of the first printing unit. We will take the old rollers with us to let them be recompounded. This “new recompounded set” will then be used during our second visit to exchange the rollers of the second unit. This will be repeated until all units are done. We will take care of the recompounding with the compound quality of several high quality suppliers.

During the visit we will fully inspect the printing unit and you will obtain a full inspection report and maintenance advice. The exchange program will be tailor made to your wishes.


Overhaul size groups

The revision of size groups is a precise job which requires the necessary expertise. The employees of DG press have years of experience with this and can, after a thorough inspection per size group, indicate exactly which parts must be replaced.

Inspection report per size group

Without a prior inspection, it is difficult to estimate the costs of revising the size groups. During the thorough inspection we check all parts of the size group to determine which parts needs to be replaced and/or adjusted. This will be captured in an inspection report which will be discussed with the customer. After this we know what to do and we can prepare a tailor-made quotation.

What is included in the overhaul:

  • Transport of size groups from your location to the DG press factory
  • Thorough inspection of approximately 4 hours per size group (€ 200,- per size group)
  • Quotation within 1 day (with multiple size groups it can take a little longer)
  • DG press will keep stock on the most common items
  • After the overhaul, the size groups are returned including the measurement report

Checklist inspection size groups

The inspection of the size groups is based on an extensive checklist. It start with a visual inspection: is there visible damage, are all parts present and in what condition are they? This is followed by a mechanical check. In this part we check e.g. the run out diameter, the clamping system and the movement of the cylinders. Also the movement adjustment of the form rollers are examined..

Size group