Service News - #1 2019

Washing unit filters Vision and VSOP®

The roll-washing system in the printing tower ensures that the rollers in the machine are cleaned after a print order or color change. From barrels next to the machine, the roll-washing system is filled with water and detergent.

During the refilling of these barrels, dust or other small particles can enter the liquids that eventually get stuck in the spray nozzles. To prevent this, we have placed a filter in the washing installation that prevents the dirt from coming to the spray nozzles. In this way, the rolls can be cleaned optimally and the perfect printing quality is maintained.

Washing unit filters Vision and VSOP®

One-time deal: Eltromat ink zone motors

Many of the older machines where delivered with an Eltromat system for ink knife control. In this system, ink zone motors are used to adjust the ink knife from the control desk. The orange ink zone motors (FSS–3)  are the newest type and are still used in the newest version of Eltromat’s ink knife control system.

DG press has found a solution to actively refurbish used motors and test their functionality. Based on this knowledge we were able to refurbish a serious amount of motors.

One-time deal:

It can be difficult to buy these motors for a good price, we have a one-time deal: € 400,- per refurbished motor. As an extra discount, we offer an exchange system: for each motor we receive back, we can offer an refurbished motor with 10% extra discount (€ 360,- per motor).

To order, please contact our spare parts department:  


Tips & tricks: temperature issues

We have noticed over time that many computers in the Control Desk have temperature issues. This has a negative effect on the lifetime of the computers and it may also result in a complete breakdown.

Our tip!
Check in the Control Desk cabinet if the Temp LED is active and if you hear a beeping sound (short, short, long). If this is the case, your computer is having temperature issues.

Note: this only applies to the computer type as shown on the pictures below.

Meet Robert Jan Lamers

I got a slap on my shoulder and a wide smiling face adds; “I wish I had invited you 3 weeks earlier to help us out, it runs like never before”. I am Robert Jan Lamers, 47 years old and this is where I get my energy from!
My roots lie in the service and for some time now I have been applying this drive to our Spare parts department as Team Leader of our team which currently exists out of 6 colleagues. In addition, I am involved in improving processes throughout our organization.
What appeals to me at DG press is the collegiality and drive to make a great working environment for both for ourselves as well as for our relations. We work every day on serving our customers, however difficult this sometimes can be, for example because of parts that are not or hardly available anymore. We handle everything from the incoming request, proposals, orders, all the way  up to the shipping of products, which makes us very efficient. We go to the limit and are therefore very happy with the positive responses we receive from you!
As Spare parts department we are going to use this news letter to inform you about useful, time- and cost-saving modifications, new products and great offers. For instance for the Eltromat ink zone motors in this edition.
We are always curious about your opinion about our service in our department and how we can serve you even better. We like to hear from you! 

Robert Jan Lamers
E-mail Robert Jan Lamers