Service News - #2 2019

Upgrade for VSOP or Vision ink fountain control system

At the moment DG press is preparing a major upgrade of the ink fountain control for the 9 color VSOP press at INNI Group, one of our respected Belgian customers. INNI renews their outdated Offcon 2 system to the newest BST ink fountain control.

With this upgrade INNI Group chose to completely renewal their ink trays, with the installation of 9 new original ink knives and 18 new original side brackets.
This upgrade ensures INNI Group to be able to produce without maintenance on the ink trays for the coming years.

Ink fountain control - old

A few of the benefits of the newest BST system:

  • Control by touchscreen monitor
  • Ink keys can be adjusted individually, in groups, or all together
  • Defining of ink profiles for future jobs
  • High-quality components and convenient operation facilitate setup
  • Future jobs can be preset in the background while production is running
  • Pre-setting with data from CIP3 conversion can be read in to optimal ink settings.

Are you also interested in upgrading to the newest ink fountain control system?
Please contact our service department for more information.

Ink fountain control - new

Hydraulic guard adjustment (VSOP® 520 and 850) 

We have noticed that the sliding outside cover, which is driven by gas springs, is not operator friendly. The gas springs lose power quickly and they have to be replaced frequently. 

We have also noticed that once the gas springs are not working optimally anymore, the operators have put an enormous amount of pressure on the cover to move it into the right position. Besides, the cover does not remain into a fixed position, it slowly drops down. This makes it hard to do maintenance on the printing unit.

Hydraulic guard adjustment

Our engineering department has designed a solution to change this. By modifying this construction to a hydraulic version, these issues no longer occur. A new turning wheel will be attached to the cover so that the operator can easily lift or lower the cover. This construction is much more reliable and the cover will remain in a fixed position.

Hydraulic guard adjustment

By replacing the gas spring construction with the hydraulic modification, you will never have to replace the gas springs for the cover anymore. This modification has been comprehensively tested on VSOP ®machines at our clients and it works perfectly. The following image shows the parts which are included:

Hydraulic guard adjustment

Are you experiencing issues with the outside cover of your VSOP® printing towers? We offer you the best solution to take care of this problem once and for all.

Please contact our spare parts department for more information: and ask for the hydraulic guard adjustment on VSOP®s. We are happy to look into the options for improvements on your printing press!

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